Commerical & Industrial Solar Panels

Ecology Solar will design, install, monitor and maintain your commercial photovoltaic (PV) system. At no cost to you we can do a preliminary assessment by viewing your roof size on Google Earth, and then, should you decide to move forward, a more detailed on-site assessment including a detailed financial analysis and quote will be provided, again at no charge.

Normally, the greatest loads for businesses are in the summer, due to air conditioning usage. If you are looking for a way to reduce your electrical expenses, at least partially, then solar energy might be a good solution for you.

We are currently taking on projects up to 200kW. Generally, this would be the usage of small to medium-sized companies, depending on how you’re using the electricity. In addition to reduced electricity costs, businesses can take advantage of tax incentives and accelerated depreciation.  Our thorough proposal includes Return on Investment (ROI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and cash flow analyses, as well as financing options and incentives.

Incentives and Financing Options

The Federal Investment Tax Credit allows those who purchase solar equipment to deduct 30% of a solar system’s cost off of their federal tax bill.  Further, IRS rules permit businesses to accelerate depreciation on solar systems, improving IRR and ROI.  Other incentives, including net metering and Renewable Energy Credit (REC) payments, are available from some electric utilities, such as Xcel Energy.

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There are three basic options for clients who want to purchase a solar energy system:

1. Own a system outright by paying cash or leveraging home equity or other assets to obtain a loan.  We encourage this option first as it returns the greatest savings over the life of the system (25+ years).

2. Lease a system from a third party provider with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Such agreements are usually available with zero money down, but they return smaller savings over time. Federal Investment Tax Credits and other incentives are taken by the leasing companies.

3. Investing in a Solar Community Garden.  This option is good for renters or those whose homes or businesses are not appropriate for solar energy due to shading, limited roof space, or other limitations.  Ecology Solar is not currently involved in such programs but a simple web search will provide information on available local programs.

Ecology Solar will provide a free remote preliminary assessment of your single-family home, and then, if your property is a good candidate for solar energy, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation onsite assessment, ROI analysis, and quote for a turnkey installation, including incentives and financing options.

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