Residential Solar Panels


There’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy for your home (and transportation, if you own an electric car).

  • Lock in your electricity costs for at least 25 years
  • Zero-down financing available, allowing you to pay for your system over time with the savings on your electric bill
  • Federal incentives pay for 30% of the gross system cost
  • Potentially positive cash flow immediately; we provide a detailed financial analysis for every solar system we sell
  • According to a Berkeley Lab study, solar PV increases your home’s value
  • Focus on high-quality, reliable installations
    • NABCEP certified professionals oversee every project
    • 10 year warranty on installation workmanship, 25 years on panels
    • Animal guard included, keeps squirrels, birds, rodents, and other wildlife from damaging your solar system
  • We install electric vehicle chargers too! If you own an EV your car will run on sunshine and you’ll further reduce your household’s carbon footprint by getting off the fossil fuel price rollercoaster.

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Residential solar panels - Ecology Solar

Solar panels on roof - Ecology Solar

Residential Solar panels

Residential Panels - Ecology Solar

Solar installation on roof - Ecology Solar

Solar panels facing the sun on a roof of a house.


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