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Call for diagnostic inspection pricing on your residential or commercial solar PV system.

Solar PV systems are incredibly durable and require little to no maintenance over their expected 25+ year productive lifetimes. If something does go wrong or you're looking to add on or upgrade, Ecology Solar can inspect and diagnose your system and provide affordable recommendations.

Our NABCEP-certified solar PV professionals have extensive experience with the wide variety of solar components, panels, and energy use monitoring devices. We are also qualified to diagnose, repair, or maintain solar PV, EV charging stations, and battery back-up systems. We offer solar panel maintenance throughout Denver, CO and Front Range Communities.

Why might you need service or maintenance?

Why might you need service or maintenance?

Critters and Mother Nature. Birds might find your solar panels to be an inviting place to nest. Squirrels can damage your system by chewing on wires. High winds can also loosen electrical connections. We can repair any wiring issues as well as install "animal guard" around your array to help prevent costly future repairs.

System installed by a company that's out of business. If you have an older system, no plan sets, or don't know where to start with understanding how your system works, we can help. Ecology Solar can walk you through how your components work together and diagnose any performance or safety issues you might have.

Energy monitoring. If your electric bill all of a sudden seems higher than expected, there might be something wrong with a panel or inverter. It is hard to know without a good monitoring system. Today's energy monitors allow you to see how much energy your solar panels are generating, when, and how it is used. If your system was installed by another company or a long time ago, you might need an energy monitoring upgrade. We are familiar with different manufacturers' panel, inverter, and monitoring solutions and can provide you honest answers about which combinations work best.

Faulty equipment. If you've noticed damage or an unexpected drop in energy production, we can dispatch one of our NABCEP certified solar professionals to quickly assess your system and offer solutions. A full diagnostic report will be provided and explained to you. Reach out to us today if you need solar panel maintnenace for any of these reasons.

Why Ecology Solar?


Our inspection process ensures you will quickly receive a diagnostic report with recommendations based on the latest technology available. Our streamlined report makes it easy to review what repairs will cost. Once approved, our team will coordinate with any supply, permitting, or utility services and get your solar PV project scheduled as soon as possible.


We understand that every customer has a limited budget to work with and that any recommendations we provide are an added and often unexpected cost. We do our best to keep prices low to ensure that any project costs you spend today, pay off in long-term savings.


All Ecology Solar service and solar panel maintenance inspections are conducted by a NABCEP Board Certified PV installation professional. High-quality work, safety, and attention to detail on every job is a top priority for us, which is why we are able to confidently offer an industry-leading 25-year Workmanship Warranty!

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Colorado's Most Sustainable Solar Company

Ecology is not only part of our name, it's essential to our company culture. Our team of solar specialists are passionate about solar energy and the impact it has on our local Colorado communities. We've built a decentralized workforce across Denver and Colorado's Front Range to enable us to reduce both the carbon footprint and overhead costs. Eliminating a large centralized workplace decreases pollution from commuting and operating a large office building. It also keeps positive employee morale and work-life balance. We are committed to constantly improving not only our internal company and personal sustainability efforts, we also prioritize using components manufactured with the highest sustainability standards. We believe sustainability is an integral part of any renewable energy company and we're dedicated to strengthening our sustainable practices every day.

We are also committed to serving our customers' and partners' well. We constantly strive to communicate honestly and transparently and believe it creates a triple-win for our customers, partners, and the environment when we can help people make well-informed financial, technical, and design decisions as they transition to solar for their energy needs.