Why Ecology Solar


Ecology Solar came to be out of concern over climate change, which is one of the biggest problems facing humanity today. But this problem has a simple solution: drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels to generate energy for homes, businesses, and transportation, and replace those fuels with renewable energy.

Wind, Geo-thermal, and other forms of renewable energy are all good solutions, but we are focused on helping individuals, businesses, and public institutions transition to Solar Photovoltaics (PV).

Our Vision is to live well by preserving and restoring nature.

Our Mission is to help individuals and businesses preserve and restore nature through the use of solar energy.

In recent years the cost of solar PV has dropped dramatically, making it at or nearly on par with the cost of fossil fuel generated energy. As renewable energy technologies continue to improve and costs continue to fall, more people will make the switch to renewables, and our company will be here to help with high quality, affordable, and long-lasting solar energy solutions.

Any home or building with good sun exposure and available space on the rooftop is a good candidate for solar PV, and, where land is available, ground-mounted and pole-mounted arrays are options as well. We provide free remote assessments for any interested parties in Colorado, and if the property is deemed a good candidate for solar energy, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation on-site assessment and proposal.

Renters and those who are not good candidates to own or lease a PV system will be happily referred to other options, such as community solar. As noted above, our mission is to help individuals and businesses transition to renewable energy, because whether or not our company directly benefits, we all benefit every time the switch is made.

Sustainability is an important consideration in all that we do. Solar PV systems designed and installed by Ecology Solar source solar PV modules (panels) made by manufacturers who are rated in the top tier for sustainability by the non-profit Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. This ensures that the primary components of our solar systems are manufactured in ways that do not harm the environment or abuse workers.

Ecology Solar further supports our mission by donating to and/or volunteering for non-profit groups, such as Grid Alternatives and Solar Energy International. Grid Alternatives installs free solar systems for low income families and native American tribes, and Solar Energy International, based in Western Colorado, teaches and trains people from all over the world to work in the solar energy industry.

Also, we believe our business model reflects our commitment to sustainable living. Instead of employees, Ecology Solar has stakeholders: self-directed and motivated decision-makers who work in teams and share in the profits of the business, all of whom are dedicated to helping and serving our clients.
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We think this human-friendly, service-oriented work model makes for better quality products and services, and fits well with our holistic approach to sustainable living. Happy stakeholders lead to happy customers!

As of this writing, we are a small but growing Denver-based company. To the extent that it fits our mission and it allows us reach more people and serve our customers better, we expect to grow over time, but growth is not our goal. Rather, our mission to help others reduce their fossil fuel dependence through safe, reliable, and long-lasting solar energy systems.

If you’d like to chat with someone about whether or not you’re a good candidate for solar, please contact us today.




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